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Is there surgery to treat urinary incontinence? There are various solutions for treating urinary incontinence, from medicines to exercise and also surgery. Your doctor can inform you about the best option for you.

Is it true that after a normal delivery there is always involuntry urinary loss? No. Everything depends on how the delivery proceeded, and whether there is any damage to the pelvic floor muscles.

What products can i use to absorb urine? Apart from disposables, such as pads and nappies, there is an innovative solution - ProtechDry® - the only cotton underwear specially designed for urine loss, ultra-absorbent, odorless and washable.

Does urine loss affect only older women? No. Although it is more prevalent with older women, but this problem can also affect younger women as well as men.

Should i stop drinking water to prevent urine losses? No - for the body to function correctly it requires water on a daily basis. It is only recommended that you reduce intake of liquids at night and that you avoid large amounts of water over in short periods of time.